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With an elevator exclusive to babies and rigid infection control, the babies are thoughtfully and transparently taken care of.

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Medical center level expertise for high level infection control

  • Baby specialized elevator
  • Isolation room and observation room
  • Fresh air exchange system
  • Regular ward round by the Chief Attending Physician from the Medical Center’s Infectious Disease Department
  • Non-invasive jaundice inspection meter
  • Blood oxygen saturation analysis as well as other specialized instruments and equipment

Transparent care for the baby

  • Strict adherence to 1:5 nurse-baby care ratio
  • Qualified professional nurses providing care in 3 shifts
  • 24-hour baby room with large observation glass panel
  • 24-hour one-on-one video calls with the babies
  • Japan imported ATOM ergonomics baby cribs
  • Specially designed baby swimming spa room
  • Pure organic baby clothing and materials

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Single-family house with medical center level expertise in postpartum care

GENKI HOUSE was designed by a professional medical team from the architectural design to provide high-specified infection control to avoid cluster infections. The professional nursing staff carefully looks after babies in 3 shifts to give babies the warm, pure and safe care that they need.

Professional delicate care that
safeguards everyone

Allows both mothers and babies with plentiful energies
To recharge so they can begin on a new journey