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Safeguards everyone Allows both mothers and babies with plentiful energies
To recharge so they can begin on a new journey



After getting the good news about your babies, give us a call or fill out the form,
and our customer service representatives will call you to schedule a visit.

On-Site Visit

When you come to GENKI HOUSE for a tour, please fill out the visitor information sheet and sanitize your hands,
and you will be greeted by our service representatives who will give you a tour.

Post-tour consultation

Based on the mother's due date, the type of room she wants to stay in, and the plan,
on-site consultation will be provided.

Contract signing and deposit paying

We will sign a health ministry standard form contract with you to protect your rights and interests.


Prenatal care

We will ask about mothers' maternity checkups and pregnancy status; we will also provide health education.


Caring about those who are going into labor/ delivering

We will call to check on the baby's birth method, date of birth, weight,
mother's postnatal condition, and so on.

Checking in and reception

We will take the baby to the baby room for assessment, and then take the mother into her room to explain to her about the environment of her stay. Afterwards, the mother will rest and have her postpartum meal to replenish her strength.


During the stay

In terms of maternity/infant care, a customized schedule is designed for the mother. Enjoy the freedom to choose whether to have the mother and the baby be in the same room. Relax both mind and body. Doctors will visit weekly to check on the health of post-pregnancy moms and babies.

Check-out and after-stay care

Moms go home with a healthy and energetic baby.
Moms do not need to worry about having to face everything alone. They can call to ask the nurses whenever they run into problems.