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With the stylish rooms in the high-quality boutique hotel custom-designed by a Germany Red Dot Award-winning design team, the postpartum accommodation makes you feel like you are taking a vacation, on which mothers and babies alike are taken care of.

Entire building adopts high specification infection control

  • Baby specialized elevator
  • Isolation room and observation room
  • Fresh air exchange system

Access control and resident safety management

  • Single-family house building with simple access
  • Individualized sensory card
  • Flame and fire prevention building materials
  • 24-hour distant visual baby care

Cooling and heating inverter air conditioning system

  • HITACHI cooling and heating inverter air conditioning system
  • Whole house has the purified aqua system

Custom design by the Germany Red Dot Award-winning design team

High quality hotel-style boutique with fashionable rooms
GENKI HOUSE The environment is designed by the architectural team that won as the Best of the Best in the Red Dot Award. The rooms were uniquely designed with bright lighting, wide external views and outdoor plant landscaping to ensure quite recuperation, giving warm, pure, cheerful and comfortable surroundings, and making postpartum accommodation seem like you are taking a vacation. We look after the first trip of the moms and their babies.