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GENKI HOUSE knows what mothers and babies need the most. We give you the expertise we gained from our past 20 years of experience, covering prenatal examination consultations, birth deliveries, and complete postpartum care to help mothers return to their daily lives or prepare for a new birth after their full recovery. Not only that, but postpartum accommodation is also part of the vacation to care for the precious shared moments of the mother and the baby.

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With the stylish rooms in the high-quality boutique hotel custom-designed by a Germany Red Dot Award-winning design team, the postpartum accommodation makes you feel like you are taking a vacation, on which mothers and babies are taken care of.


01. How do you differentiate between the styles of different room types?
The rooms are simple and cozy with warm colors. Each room type is the brainchild of the designers. Many ingenious ideas are hidden in the details. They won the iF Design Award at the 2020 iF Design Award in Germany. Mothers are welcome to come for a tour.
02. Are postpartum meals prepared in the central kitchen of GENKI HOUSE?
As the chefs cook things in different flavors, GENKI HOUSE cooperates with three postpartum meal-making kitchens so that mothers staying here can choose freely and taste different cuisines.
03. Can I see my baby at any time during my stay?
GENKI HOUSE's baby room is separated from the floors where the guest rooms are, and the windows are kept open 24 hours. If a mother wants to see her baby, she can always watch her baby through the baby room window or ask her nurse to take her baby into her room at any time.

Good recommendations from Mothers who stayed here

On the day I checked out of GENKI HOUSE, I was really reluctant to do so. I just loved how cozy it was there and the friendliness of the staff. I highly recommend staying with them! !

-Blogger Yifenko(野蠻王妃愛漂亮)

We're going home.🏠 A big thanks to❤️GENKI HOUSE postpartum care❤️for taking care of the three of us. So many fun and interesting things happened during our stay. It had been so much fun every day.

-Banana CP = Banana Strawberry Preschool

I went with GENKI mainly because of the baby room with glass panels that are open 24 hours, the elevator exclusive to babies, the rigid infection control, and the well-lit and cozy spaces.

-Reviews for the stay on GOOGLE

There is no need to worry about problems related to baby care here. All the nurses are very professional, patient, and caring. The care they provide for the babies is as well as that by families.

-Reviews for the stay on GOOGLE

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