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Hua Ling suite

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The Hua Ling totem was commonly used by the aristocrats in their daily supplies or clothing. It has 23.1 m² of space and outdoor plant landscaping, and it offers a relaxing and mysterious view of the sky.

  • TOTO automatic toilet
  • Separate bath and shower
  • TOTO multifunctional heater
  • Remote control UV resistant double layer roller blinds
  • 50-inch SHARP 4K Liquid Crystal Display T.V.
  • Cable television
  • High temperature sterilization, pure and safe drinking water
  • Avent milk bottle sterilization
  • Avent bottle warmer
  • Avent electric bilateral milking machine
  • 6X6.2m specialized 5-star mattress
  • Natural 100% pure cotton bedding set